ClockLab: Data Collection and Analysis for Circadian Biology

clocklab1Configure a system from a complete array of components.

  • Data collection and analysis software.
  • Light-tight cabinets with programmable lights, temperature, humidity and light sensors.
  • Running-wheel cages: Vertical and horizontal wheels. Wired or wireless connection to the computer.
  • Infrared motion sensors: Wired or wireless connections to the computer.
  • Programmable feeders.


ClockLab Analysis 6. A widely used stand-alone program for the analysis of circadian rhythms. It can read and analyze records obtained from almost any circadian data collection system, including the ClockLab data collection program.

ClockLab Data Collection. Simultaneously record from 448 hard-wired sensors including mechanical switches, IR-based motion sensors, or other digital signals. Control lights in the animal chamber or room with programmable schedules.

ClockLab Wireless Data Collection. Record wirelessly from up to 250 running wheels or IR-based motion sensors. Wired and wireless connections can be used simultaneously on a single system.

ClockLab Chamber Control. Records from and controls light-tight circadian cabinets from Phenome Technologies. The program makes long-term records of temperature, light levels, and humidity, controls light schedules in any arbitrary waveform and period, controls chamber temperature in daily cycles, and can control and record from Phenome’s programmable pellet feeders.


Circadian cabinets. Light-tight, fully ventilated cabinets with integrated, programmable LED lighting, sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and light, and optional heating elements for temperature control.

Cages, running wheels, running-wheel sensors, and motion sensors. Vertical or horizontal running wheels can be fitted with mechanical switches, magnetic switches, or infrared sensors. Sensors can be hard-wired directly to the ClockLab digital interface, or for easier setup connected wirelessly to the ClockLab base station. Stand-alone infrared motion sensors are also available can be connected to the computer via wires or wirelessly.

Programmable pellet feeders can be integrated with cages and running wheels. Feeding schedules are controlled and food consumption recorded via the Chamber Control program.

Ordering ClockLab