FreezeFrame Display Window

The figure shows a snapshot of the FreezeFrame screen taken during a training session. Only 1 animal of the 4 being recorded is displayed here. Animals can be viewed all 4 at once, or one at a time as is shown here.

The selected protocol is shown in the display at the bottom of the window. The sound stimulus (a 5000 Hz tone) comes on for 30 seconds at 70, 170 and 270 seconds. The shock comes on for 5 seconds at the end of each sound stimulus. A light stimulus (#3) is on during the entire trial. The stimuli are specified in the Protocol Setup Window. The session lasts for 5 minutes.


The current protocol is number 1 out of the 20 that can be saved.

The current motion indexes for all 4 animals being recorded are shown to the left of the image. A value below 20 indicates freezing.