Ordering WaterMaze

Provided components:

  • USB Camera with zoom lens
  • WaterMaze data collection and analysis software
  • Digital input/output interface (USB) for Atlantis control and remote switch input (see below)
  • Remote switch
  • On-line manual

System requirements

Remote Switches and Atlantis Control

  • Switch inputs can be configured for start and stop functions. Switches are connected through the interface box. Multiple switches for each function can be wired in parallel and placed at multiple locations around the pool.
  • The digital interface board also supports control of Atlantis or On Demand platforms. These platforms sit far below the surface until the program detects that the animal has remained over the platform for a pre-specified time period. The platform then rises up to the surface. Use of the on-demand platform prevents the animal from using a random search strategy for finding the platform.