Ordering FreezeFrame


  • FreezeFrame with data collection and analysis components runs on laptop or desktop computers with Windows 7/8/10

Hardware (Available from Actimetrics)

  • 1 to 4 USB cameras with zoom lenses
  • 1 to 4 Cages (Isolation Chambers optional)
  • USB Interface for stimulus control
  • Shocker(s)
  • Audio Amplifier (4 channel)
  • Cue and House Lights

Shock Cage with camera mounted on the top. Shocker and 4-channel audio amplifier at right.

Cage for Fear Conditioning


USB Interface for Stimulus Control. The interface can control up to 8 outputs. Each output can supply 24V at up to 400 mA, or 5V at 10 mA (TTL-compatible).


Cue Light. Connects directly to the stimulus interface above.

Cue Light