Automated systems for
animal behavioral testing.

Actimetrics makes automated systems for animal behavioral testing. We emphasize ease of use and the application of modern signal and image processing techniques to current problems in neuroscience. We work closely with our users to make each system a natural extension of the experiment itself. Dozens of features designed for high throughput data collection and analysis benefit large and small users alike.


LumiCycle 32 can now record samples in 2 different colors, using color filters of your choice.
ClockLab Analysis Open License. In order to allow users to work at home during quarantine, ClockLab Analysis 6 is currently free for use on any computer. Download the latest version to activate the open license.

% Variance. This new version reports a new measurement of rhythm amplitude, % Variance, in the Periodogram window. See Antoni Díez-Noguera (2013) Methods for serial analysis of long time series in the study of biological rhythms. Journal of Circadian Rhythms 11:7.

ClockLab goes wireless.  ClockLab now has a wireless option for monitoring activity. A compact transmitter placed on each cage monitors wheel turns or an infrared motion detector. Each transmitter also reports ambient light levels and temperature. Up to 500 channels can be monitored by a single computer. Batteries last for 5 years or more.
LumiCycle In Vivo records PER-LUC signal from awake behaving animals, controls skeleton light schedules, and monitors activity, light, temperature and humidity.