Video Tracking

Actimetrics makes three systems for video-based analysis of behavioral experiments.

LimeLight is a general purpose video tracking program for Open Field, Plus Maze, Radial Arm Maze, Zero Maze, Novel Object Recognition, Conditioned Place Preference, Barnes Maze, and other similar experiments. It will track 4 animals at once, has easy set-up of zones and grids, and extensive analysis functions for quantifying behavior.

WaterMaze, designed in collaboration with Richard Morris (University of Edinborough), is specifically built for designing and executing complex water maze experiments with multiple animals, starting points and platform positions. The program automates all of the standard protocols and analyses used in the field.

FreezeFrame, introduced in 1998, was the pioneer system for video-based automation of fear-conditioning experiments, and remains the standard in the field. It now supports fear-conditioning in optogenetic experiments, with methods to screen out the motion of fiber-optics cables or cables for electrical stimulation.

Mazes, Arenas and Pools for Behavioral Experiments from Phenome Technologies