Mazes for Behavioral Screening

Actimetrics provides mazes, open field chambers and tanks from Phenome Technologies to accompany LimeLight and WaterMaze video tracking software. A sampling of products is shown below. Custom assemblies are also available.

Open Field Arenas

Phenome-Open-Field-Collapsible-WhiteBG Phenome Open Field (Rat)
Open field arena for mice with removable sides. Makes for easy cleaning, and easy storage. Disassemble by removing simple thumbscrews. White, grey, or black.
Dimensions: 16″x16″x16″
Large open field for rat studies. Grey PVC with reinforced bottom and edging.
Dimensions: 32″ x 32″.

Elevated Plus Mazes

Phenome T-Maze Large Phenome Plus Maze
Elevated Plus Maze for Rats. Black with white central board for video tracking and removable acrylic base.
Dimensions: 110cm x 110cm x 40cm high. Arms are 10 cm wide.
Elevate Plus Maze for Mice. Removable acrylic base.

Water Mazes

Phenome Water Maze (shallow) Phenome Water Maze (deep)
Small Water Maze tub with removable inserts and drain.
Dimensions: 47″ diameter x 10″ depth
Large Water Maze tub. Optional inserts fasten with magnets to outer wall.
Dimensions: 48″ diameter x 24″ depth

Barnes Maze

Phenome Barnes Maze Phenome Hole Board
Tabletop Barnes maze with large openings. Can be customized as needed. Drawer easily fits underneath any opening.
Dimensions: 47″ diameter. 36 2.5″ openings
Hole board for mice. Collapsible sides. Base is removable for separate open field testing. Removable feeding plate.
Dimensions: 16″x16″x16″

Y Maze

Phenome Y-maze Phenome Y-Maze (Large)
Y-maze with removeable ends for a quick cleaning. Wide center portion for easy access.
Arm Dimensions: 2-1/2″ width length
Custom Y-maze with acrylic base and freely rotating lazy-Susan support. Sloping sides for easier access.
Dimensions: 18″ arms. Base 12″ high