Scoring Behaviors

The window below shows the offline scoring of complex behaviors. The user is rerunning the video from a previously recorded trial and scoring a set of 4 behaviors.

  • The video can be played frame-by-frame, backwards and forwards, at real-time speed or fast forward speed, with key commands for each mode. Or scroll quickly through the video by dragging the green slider beneath the image.
  • Behaviors can be selected by clicking on the green buttons, or by the key commands selected of each behavior. Here, the behaviors are set to be mutually exclusive (selecting one turns of all others). Or, behaviors can be set up so that multiple ones can be selected simultaneously.
  • The user can choose to preserve previous scores for some behaviors while concentrating on scoring others. This way, different behaviors can be scored on different reviews of the video.
  • Up to 20 different sets of behaviors, with 16 behaviors each, can be stored and selected for use on any trial.