Creating FreezeFrame Experimental Protocols


Up to 20 different protocols can be set up in advance using the protocol window below. The onset and duration of any of the 8 different outputs, plus sounds. are specified by clicking-and-dragging on the graph or typing into the text entry box below. Each stimulus can be turned on repeatedly during a trial.

Here, stimuli 2 through 8 are activated in sequence, twice. A shock (stimulus 1) is delivered coincident with onset of stimulus 4. In addition, during each sequence of stimuli, a sound is played, during the first seqeuence, sound 1, and during the second sequence, sound 2.



Up to 10 different sounds can be configured in FreezeFrame. Different sound types include:

  • Pure tones
  • White noise (hiss)
  • Frequency sweeps.

For tones, frequency and amplitude are selectable, and the tones can be made to pulse with any frequency and duty cycle. White noise can also be programmed to pulse. For frequency sweeps, start and end frequencies, duration, and repeat rate are selectable. For all three sound types, the amplitude at the start and end can tapered using the Rise Time control, to avoid the audible click that occurs when sounds start and stop abruptly.FreezeFrameStimuli