Ordering ClockLab

Any of the different components of the ClockLab system can be ordered separately, or as an integrated package. Multiple-system discounts are available. Contact Actimetrics for pricing.

Analysis Program

The Analysis program can be purchased on its own. With each license, the program can be loaded simultaneously on up to three computers. Updates are available at no charge for 5 years. Windows- and Macintosh-compatible versions are available.

Data Collection Program

The ClockLab Data Collection program comes with a license for the Analysis program. A single data collection computer can record from up to 448 channels. The program requires the use of 1 to 8 ClockLab USB interface boxes, each of which connects to 56 channels, and can control up to 8 digital outputs (usually used for controlling lights).

The ClockLab interface can count switch closures from standard running wheels, or it can record digital pulses from infrared motion sensors or other devices.

Chamber Control Program

The Chamber Control program is designed to work with Circadian Cabinets from Phenome Technologies. The program can be purchased separately or as a package with the Data Collection program. The Chamber Control and Data Collection programs can be run simultaneously on a single computer.

Hardware for circadian experiments from Phenome Technologies

  • Running wheel cages
  • Break-out boxes for connecting cages to the ClockLab USB interface
  • Circadian cabinets from Phenome Technologies. These are light-tight cabinets with integrated programmable LED lights, ventilation that meets Federal standards, temperature and humidity sensors, and optional temperature control.
  • Programmable Feeders designed to fit into the circadian cabinets