Running Two LumiCycles on One Computer (USB interface)

Use the following procedure to run two LumiCycles with USB interfaces on one computer.

Once you have installed the LumiCycle program, find the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\LumiCycle.

Make a copy of the whole folder. Rename the original and the copy to be LumiCycle 1 and LumiCycle 2.

In the 1st folder, rename LumiCycle.exe to be LumiCycle Unit 1.exe.

In the 2nd folder, rename LumiCycle.exe to be LumiCycle Unit 2.exe.

The names must be exactly as shown.

Make shortcuts to both of these .exe files and put them on your desktop for starting up the programs.

Plug in just one interface box. Start up the LumiCycle Unit 1.exe while holding down any two keys. You should see a window that lets you select which interface box for the program to use. Select the interface being shown.

Unplug the one interface, plug in the other, and repeat the procedure for LumiCycle Unit 2.exe.

You should now be able to run both units simultaneously. The color of the two windows for the two versions of the program should be slightly different, and the title bars will show the names Unit 1 and Unit 2.