Density maps for Water Maze

Below is a density map for a series of trials, similar to that used by Nakazawa et al (Figure 5)*. The map indicates the total time spent in each portion (pixel) of the pool summed over all selected trials. Maps can be smoothed (here 4 adjacent pixels are averaged together in the display). The maps can be exported from WaterMaze as a JPEG or BMP images, or as tables of values. Any subset of trials can be selected from a project for display. The trials to be analyzed can be selected either individually (by clicking on a displayed list of trials), by animal, or by selecting those trials performed with the same target platform. Trials can be combined from multiple project files.


*K. Nakazawa, M.C. Quirk, R. A. Chitwood, M. Watanabe, M.F. Yeckel, L.D. Sun, A. Kato, C.A. Carr, D. Johnston, M.A. Wilson, S. Tonegawa. (2002) Requirement for Hippocampal CA3 NMDA Receptors in Associative Memory Recall Science 297, 211-218.