Rodent Cages with running wheel

This mouse cage design was developed in a leading circadian rhythms lab and has been found to be extremely reliable, easy to clean and inexpensive. Contact Actimetrics for more infomation. Mouse-sized cages are shown below. Rat/Hamster cages also available.

Top view of a mouse cage with running wheel installed. The switch mounting plugs (red) are at the top of the photo and the switch is hidden by the cage side. Ruler is 12 inches long.
A side view.
A close up of the switch. Two banana plugs projecting away from the camera are at the upper left and lower right corners of black switch housing. These are not electrically connected, but plug into the red banana jacks in the cage wall to hold the switch in place. The switch is therefore easily removable for cage cleaning. The switch lever arm projects out to the right and passes just below the wheel axle (It’s hard to see when viewed side on like this). The cam on the axle (projecting up and slightly to the right) hits the lever arm as the wheel rotates, depressing the switch button once per revolution.
Cage with wire lid in place.