Batch analysis and printing

With a simple interface, the user can select multiple files from a single directory. At the press of a button, Actograms, Periodograms or Activity Profiles are then printed for all selected files either 1, 4 or 9 to a page.

Alternatively the user can select any number of analyses. A spreadsheet containing the analysis parameters for each selected file is created. Analyses include

  • Periodogram peak value, frequency and significance
  • Secondary periodogram peak value, frequency and significance
  • Counts per day
  • Phase shift angles
  • FFT peak frequency and value
  • Tau and Alpha (from automated onset identification)

Finally, the median or mean count value can be calculated for each minute from any number of animals. The mean or median output can then be treated as a single animal, using any of the analysis features and plots available for single animal data. This feature is particularly useful for looking at records from many genetically identical drosophila.