Packing a LumiCycle for Shipment

Rest the LumiCycle on 4 of the 8 corner blocks as shown. The corner blocks have three parts connected at their edges. Rest the corner of the LumiCycle on the center of the 3 parts and fold of the other two to point upward. Wrap tape around the all 4 corner blocks to hold them in place.

Make 9 sets of 2 stacked 1″thick adhesive blocks. Place 3 stacks on the front panel, 2 on either side of the door, one by the hinge. Place 2 stacks each on the other three panels, about the same height from the bottom. Wrap all 9 blocks in tape, just to keep them in place. This is harder than it looks. The blocks don’t stick to each other strongly, so hold them down while you apply the tape. It’s easier with two people.

Lift the unit by the edges of the top lid (it’s heavy) and lower it into the box. Apply 4 corner blocks as in the image below. The center of the three parts of each corner block is on top.

Break off 2 adhesive blocks together to make a 1-layer square. Peel and stick onto the top surface of the corner blocks. The corner block together with the layer of 1″ adhesive blocks comes level with the top of the box.

Place the interface on top of the cabinet and tape it in place securely with two pieces of tape at 90° to each other, pulled tight and wrapped around the upper lip of the cabinet. Make sure the interface will not move too much or come loose.

Place one copy of the shipping label inside the box (for insurance in case the label outside gets torn off).

Tape the box closed. Note the tape all the way across the seam where the two flaps meet. Also, 5 pieces of tape to either side of the seam. If you are using thin packing tape, even more short pieces along the edge will increase the strength of the seal.