ClockLab Analysis Version 6

ClockLab Analysis is now undergoing a major revision. CLA 6 is a stand-alone application: Matlab is no longer required. The interface has been modernized to make it even faster and easier to use.

  • Stand alone application.
  • Each analysis window has its own interface for moving through files. No more switching between windows to open files, adjust dates for analysis, or change Tau.
  • All controls and settings relevant to a particular display are accessible from the display window.
  • Changing parameters updates the actogram display immediately, including tau, actogram type (scaled, percentiles…), displayed measures (onsets, maximum…), date range, etc.
  • Measures and fits (green and red below) are displayed automatically when a new file is opened.
  • Changing the date range, tau or opening a new file updates all open windows.
  • Batch Analyses of multiple files can be saved to CSV files, or sent directly in Excel.
  • Drag and drop a file onto any window to open it .
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common functions (Open, Next File, Previous File, etc.).
  • Context Help. Hover over a control to display text regarding its use.
  • Actogram plot colors and styles can be changed.
  • Wavelet Analysis (Morlet Continuous Wavelet Transform).
  • Cosinor-based estimates of p-value.


Current users of ClockLab Analysis who wish to upgrade to the ClockLab Analysis 6, should contact Actimetrics for special upgrade pricing.

ClockLab Analysis 6 for Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

ClockLab Analysis 6 for Macintosh OS X (Unzip and Place in Applications folder.)