Clef Tutor

Clef Tutor is a free program for learning to recognize and play (or sing) notes in different clefs.

Pick the clef you are interested in learning in the preferences window, and Clef Tutor will show you notes randomly on that clef. After a delay (which you can set in the preferences), it will show you the name of the note. At any time, you can play or sing a note, and the program will show you what note you are playing. The indicator line for the played note is yellow when you are not playing the correct note, or it is red/green/blue when you are playing the correct note either sharp/in-tune/flat. With the Show Guides option turned off, the indicator line only appears when you play the correct note.

In the Settings window, you can change the background color, the tuning frequency, and timing. The Settings can be reached through the menu or by double-clicking on the main window.

Bug reports and suggestions for new features are welcome. Ideas: Additional clefs and instruments; playing the desired note or a drone through the speakers as a guide; versions for iPhone/Android; accidentals (sharps and flats); key signatures, etc. etc.

Clef Tutor for Windows

Clef Tutor for Macintosh OSX (two components required):

Note that your OSX security settings might block installation saying that Clef Tutor is from an “unknown developer”. Open System Preferences, Select Security & Privacy, and in the General tab give Clef Tutor permission to be installed.