Automated systems for
animal behavioral testing.

Actimetrics    makes automated systems for animal behavioral testing. We emphasize ease of use and the application of modern signal and image processing techniques to current problems in neuroscience. We work closely with our users to make each system a natural extension of the experiment itself. Dozens of features designed for high throughput data collection and analysis benefit large and small users alike.


LumiCycle 32 can now record samples in 2 different colors, using color filters of your choice.
FreezeFrame 4 now supports optogenetics, electrophysiology, stimulation and perfusion:

A new algorithm screens out motion of the cable or fiber optic that can occur even when the animal is perfectly still.

The FreezeFrame USB interface can now generate pulsing stimuli as short as 1 ms at rates of up to 500/sec.

ClockLab Analysis Stand-alone version. ClockLab Analysis no longer requires Matlab to run. The new version is even easier to use and faster, with instant updates of graphs and closer integration between analysis windows.
ClockLab Remote Monitor will now monitor your ClockLab computer and send you a text or email if the program or the computer stops stops functioning.